Function Platters

Cold platters

All cold platters are designed to serve approximately 10 people

Platter Description Price
Fresh Sandwich Platter Variety of fillings on white and wholemeal bread $60.00
Trio of Breads & Dips Variety of fresh warm bread and a selection of dips $70.00
Fresh Fruit Platter Selection of fresh seasonal fruit $60.00
Anti-Pasto Platter Variety of grilled vegetables, marinated boccincini cheese, sun-dried tomatoes, artichokes, rockmelon and mixture of prosciutto, salami and shaved ham $80.00
Georges Cheese Platter Selection of cheeses, quince paste, cherry tomatoes, cocktail pickled onions with dried fruit and nuts $80.00
Georges Cheese & Fruit Platter Selection of cheeses, quince paste, cherry tomatoes with mixed nuts and dried fruits with seasonal fresh fruit $85.00
Kids Harcourt Platter A selection of healthy children’s options including seasonal crudité, served with a variety of fresh breads and a selection of dips. Served with breadsticks and rice cracker. (Serves approximately 6-8 children) $40.00

Hot platters

All hot platters consist of 60 items per platter, serving approximately 10 people

Platter Description Price
The Pub Platter Party sausage rolls / Mixed mini quiche / Fish cocktails Vegetarian curry puffs / Cocktail spring rolls / Mixed petit pies $90.00
The Chef's Platter Satay chicken skewers / Garlic prawns / Mini guinness pies / Homemade meatballs in plum sauce / Spinach triangles / Tomato and mushroom tart $110.00
The George Platter Honey soy chicken skewers / Salt and pepper squid / Garlic prawns / Smoked salmon tart / Beer battered flathead pieces / Mini lamb pies $120.00
The Harcourt Platter Macadamia chicken strips / Mini beef mingions / Pumpkin & feta triangles / Atlantic salmon skewers / Lamb back strap skewers / Coconut prawns $135.00
The Gold Creek Platter Coconut prawns / Atlantic salmon skewers / Risotto cakes / Smoked salmon bruschetta / Beef mingions / Macadamia chicken strips $140.00
Kids Pub Platter Kids pub platter of 30 pieces in addition to the chips – Selection of Regular Party Favourites including: Party sausage rolls / Party pies / Chicken nuggets. Served with two large servings of chips. (Serves approximately 6-8 children) $50.00